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Anonymous asked: Not fake, just dont want your crazy gf stalking us forever to make sure we dont talk to you anymore. Girl has NO confidence. You cant even follow people on tumblr because she'll post a passive aggressive text post about it.

Or if you really wanted to express your concerns towards us, you can privately message us and not make yourself out to look like another internet asshole. My girlfriend is more than confident and isn’t psychotic at all, I’ve dealt with psychopathic girlfriends before and have dipped. People always want to have an opinion but not want it to be known who it is. Stop wasting our time and your time.

Anonymous asked: disable anon if you have such an issue with shit being talked to you.

I have before and everyone was still too afraid to confront me so what’s the point in turning it off. You all want to talk shit but hide yourselves? Fucking fakes.

Anonymous asked: ha, i have no right to say something like that but your girlfriend can call me trashy and thirsty. disrespect was definitely due, yet somehow you're both delusional enough to think you're not in the wrong. grow up.

I am grown up actually. I’ll 24 and I’m not being childish, neither is she. Now being anon and saying what you’re saying is pretty fucking rude, so why don’t you grow up and come off of anon. You have a personal problem, say it without hiding. We’re all adults here and I’m not gonna take shit from anyone.

Anonymous asked: it's anon because i'd rather not be harassed by your psychopath girlfriend over a not even slightly flirtatious statement. i wasn't aware it was the end of the world to tell someone you missed them. but whatever dude, you're whipped and your girlfriend is an insecure crybaby. have fun being miserable together.

You have no right whatsoever to say that type of bullshit to me or towards my girlfriend. We aren’t miserable one bit and it’s extremely rude for you to say the shit that you do. I’m not fucking whipped, I’m just respectful to who I’m with and if you think that’s being whipped you can go fuck yourself.